Nena Sterling, 86

Estelle McGehee, 91

Leah Havard, 57

Margie Neyland Baker, 64

Walter Cross Forman, 90

Elizabeth Ann Stevens, 69

Joseph "Blue" Foreman, 93

Martin L. Shorey, 68

Rupert R. Toler Jr., 91

Robert L. Thompson, 66

Jonathan Eunice, 54

Canetti O'Brien, 76

Julia Elaine Stevens, 92

Nora S. McGee, 84

Harold Wayne Mason, 72

George Zion, 72

David Mann, 69

Edward Jerry Waller, 83

Annie Pearl Blalock, 67

Paul Lofton, 64

James Leon Whittington, 78

Charles Rider, 55

Joe Steele, 86

Sandra Patterson, 80

Gerald M. McGuire, 88

Grady Arnold, 59

Betty Nevels Stevens Wilkins, 77

Woodrow "Woody" Carter, 67

Richard Halford, 90

Vera L. Partin

Nelma Murray

Vera Prestridge, 89

Elaine Netterville, 82

John D. Ashley, 88

Connie Terrell Travis, 46

Dale Anderson, 80

Sherry Arnold, 64

Morris A. Jackson,  87

Melissa Wilkinson, 52

Harlan Matthew Hill, 29

Bobby Hoyt Terrell, 81

Alton Perry, 79

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