Gavin Boykin 79

Margie Dean Simmons 77

Michael Edgar Varnado 69

Mary Ruth Wilkinson 83

Carlene Hughey  Terrell 78

Patsy Elaine Smith Adam 64 

Sister Dorothy Dean Nunnery Wilkinson 72

Sam " A " McNeil, Jr. 82

Arie Jean Smith 80

Cecil Zay Floyd 78

William DeWitt Craft 85

Glenn Douglas Netterville 84

Rodney "Red" Murray, Sr. 69

William L. Steele 97

Martice Brown Travis 93

Thomas J. Perry 75

John Robert Toney, III.  46

Merle Mavis Ravencraft Estess 93

PFC James Samuel Smith

Robin Thrasher Lewis 57

Martha Rae Ital Parker 77

Tony Randall Aldridge 52

Dorothy Carter Welch Whittington 75

Kandi Nettles 50

Lois June Wisner 76

Clifford Hollis Whetstone 50

Vonelle Williams Whittington 90

Ronald Wallace Stokes, Sr. 59

Robert Glenn "Bobby" Carraway 50

Donna Jean Bradley 79

Michael Wayne Eunice 55

Addie Wilkinson Kirkland 97

Douglas Neal Hays, Jr. 44

Ruby Nell Ivy Savoy 78

Lurlene Havard Ashley 95

Robin Marie McCaffrey 36

Elise Caston Cort 55

W.J. Roberts, Jr. 74

Earline Johnson Reeves 98

Jacqueline Forman 67

Andrew Wales Partin 71

Elsie Hatten "Hattie" Wilson Heuman 90

Jerry O'Steen Thacker 72

Benny Weldon Stevens Sr. 85

Herbert Moody 64

Elsie Cockerham 98

Arla Lovette Wrider Whittington 73

William "Will" Kimbrough Jr. 84

Mary Marita Holland 73

Barbara "Bobbie" Gwendalynn Ashley 80

Henry L. Strictland 89

Patricia Ann "Pat" Bates 66

Jed Hunter Wall 59

Walter "Coffee Man" Brown 64

Billie Gail Crum 79

John B. Manchester 85

Dorothy Nell McKenzie 91

Bernette F. Bates 87

Joseph Lavern Sterdivant Jr. 32

Fredna Sue Pace McKay 70

Carmen H. Poole  86

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