The Hummingbird fine gifts and collectables
851 Hwy 24 Gloster, MS 39638

Florist and Gifts
133 Main Street Liberty 39645

Betty Ravencraft floral designer, Gloster, Ms.

Three Sisters Florist 225 W. Main st. Centreville, Ms 39631 601-645-6900

B"s Creations
105 W.Main St. Liberty, Ms


        Gloster, MS      
901 Hwy 24    
Liberty, MS 
150 Broad Street    39645

  Brown Funeral Home
          Gloster, MS          Liberty, MS


Brown Funeral Home has proudly been serving our town and surrounding communities since 1933. We strive to be the comfort and compassion you need in those difficult times and in making the process of planning a funeral easy for you and family members. Our staff here at Brown Funeral Home are professionals at what we do and are here to answer any questions you may have about pre-planning funerals, monuments, and arranging an at-need funeral. When in need contact Brown Funeral Home and let us show you our professional edge.


Luther Whittington  age 73

Michael "Mickey" Petty, Sr.
                age 71

Sara Jo Barkdull Anders
                age 83 

Jennifer Louise Hughes  age 35

Ernest  (Mr.Jr.) Klar Jr. 

Charles Brent Beasley  age 40

Kevin Duck  age 53

Gale Brent Short, Sr.  age76

Jesus Alvarez Ramirez  age 89

John Louis "Johnny" Toney
                age 53

Mary Elizabeth Akins  age 79

Jay Harold Edwards  age 72

Marie Rollins  age 97

Ruby Beasley Carraway  age 73

Jimmie Davis Foreman  age 65

Bobby Oswald Morris  age 68

David Kendal Bates  age 43

Jack Brandon Cavin  age 81

Joseph E. Robertson  age 77

Dolly Ruth McKlemurry  age 78

Delores Diana Brabham  age 59

Kimball Gill  age 49

Jessie Zachary  age 89

Dorothy Lee Ashley  age 83

Deborah Lynn Higgins  age 47

Bobby G. Montgomery  age 67

Charles Wheeler  age 72

Reggy Clemon Cupit  age 82

Eddie Hillory Wilkinson  age 79

Martha Virginia Brabham 
                   age 79

Annie Grace Wilkinson  age 90

Paula Kay Akins  age 59

Marjorie N. Wilson  age 94

Earl Wade Smith  age 86

Thomas A. "Arter" Wilkinson
                    age 83

Gladys Imogene Barker  age 88

Beverly Rose Murray  age 67

Jerry Dale Alford  age 79

Wallace Ashley Terrell  age 95

Delton Doucet  age 74

James Norman Stevenson  age 69

Derwood Merkel Brady  age 72

Dorothy L. Dominick  age 95

Jacquelyn Anne Allred  age 82

G. B. Steele  age 87

Norris N. Floyd, Jr.  age 46

Bobby Lee Aaron  age 89

Lorraine M. Forman  age 85

Patty Sue Womack Caston age 66

Robert Huey Higgins age 70

Alvin Glenis "Slick" Havard
                 age 78

Lillie Mae Halford Bates
            age 82

Melanie D’Ete Priest  age 63

Bobbie Turnipseed Farris  age 79

          Robert Wayne
"Wildman" Hollingsworth
                  age 57
Julius Quinn Brabham  Sr.
                  age 74

David  "Scotty" McKlemurry 
                  age 46

Thomas Ford "T. F." Badon
                  age 92_

Vera Estelle Smith Wall  age 91

Aldean Mae Maxwell  age 77

Carl L. Kellow  age 76

Evelyn Dawson Havard  age 87

Rev. James "Bruno" Wilkinson
            age 45

Lura Smith  age 90

Jesse L. Callender  age 85

Bonnie Jackson  age 93

Annie Mae Crawford  age 89

Lajuana Nell Saucier   age 49

Eldon Hopf  age 64

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