Tracie Mauree Vanderford, 23

Robert Murray Causey Jr. 82

Thaddeus John Babski lll, 46

Harris Wayne Chambers, 72

Huldah Massey, 90

Ricky Ramirez, 65

Yvonne Rice, 82

Charles C. Laird, 73

Samuel N.Perkins, 92

Sarah Whittington McKey, 77

Mildred Green, 95

Rose Tynes, 86

Brent Bateman, 51

B.K. Greer, 89

Samuel Murry Tumey, 69

Sue Cobb, 66

Cage C.J. Ashley Jr., 89

Ollie Coleen Atkinson, 79

Hiram Paul Whittington, 76

Shelton “Phil” Felix McGraw Jr. 61

Gerry Dale Buckles, 69

Lois Neicie Greer, 85

Marie Whiottington, 92

Lorraine Maltby, 81

Brad Cavin, 37

John Aubrey Sterling 65

Clifton "Quin" Caston

Thomas Gregory Talbert 49

Mamie Bonnette  61

Jimmie Dale Steele 54

​Mildred Lisa Robertson 60

Marilyn Dianne Hays 70

Malcolm Shaw 81

Minnie Lockwood Bruss 93

Frank "Butch" Hagan 62

Beverly Beasley  69

​​Vivian Roberts Partin 87

Betty Ann Howard 81

Charlee Elaine Estis

Nellie Rae Andrews 84

Allie B. Felter Wisner 97

Ruby Eileen Ferrebee 72

Mary Agnes Foreman 89

Wendy Waynette Haney 44

Joe Benjamin Spillman 81

Henry Leroy "Dude" Nettles 69

Sally Jean "Jeannie" Felder 58

Richard Maltese

John Everett Wilson 93

Lucretia Evelyn Forman Svetich

Jacqueline Jones Wheeler Berthelsen

Bryan "Ben" Allen Anders 

Verna Mae Harveston 77

Gavin Boykin 79

Margie Dean Simmons 77

Michael Edgar Varnado 69

Mary Ruth Wilkinson 83

Carlene Hughey  Terrell 78

Patsy Elaine Smith Adam 64 

Dorothy Dean Nunnery Wilkinson 72

Sam " A " McNeil, Jr. 82

Arie Jean Smith 80

Cecil Zay Floyd 78

William DeWitt Craft 85

Glenn Douglas Netterville 84

Rodney "Red" Murray, Sr. 69

William L. Steele 97

Martice Brown Travis 93

Thomas J. Perry 75

John Robert Toney, III.  46

Merle Mavis Ravencraft Estess 93

PFC James Samuel Smith

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